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Creating Clear Signage

Campus signage—from room identification to dedication plaques on campus buildings—are designed by Signage and Graphics in the Office of Campus Planning. The team consults with offices to determine the scope of a signage project and to assure compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Identity Signs

For office doors, MIT standards specify room number signs with Braille tactile lettering and inserts for card holders. Signage and Graphics contracts outside vendors to provide hand or vinyl lettering services when changes are needed on offices such as department or faculty names.

Functional Signs

The team supports the work of repair crews by labeling electrical closets and other service areas and promotes public safety by providing signage for elevators and emergency exits.

Dedication and Special Signs

This group also handles special signs such as plaques and building identification.

Request Signage

To request signage related services, go to Atlas. Click on Create Request, then Signage. For a consultation on a signage project, email

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