Information for Students Going to CERN or Abroad


Please notify by email Cathy Modica ( in Physics Education and Elsye Luc in LNS Headquarters as soon as you know that you will be going abroad.

If You Have an Emergency While Abroad

International SOS (ISOS):
*Call collect from anywhere in the world
(+1 215 942 8226 / MIT ID #: 11BSGC000066)

MIT has contracted with the travel assistance company, International SOS (ISOS), to provide emergency medical, security evacuation and other support services to faculty, staff, and students who are traveling abroad on MIT business. International SOS has 24-hour alarm centers, international clinics, and remote-site medical facilities covering five continents. Call collect any time (+1 215 942 8226 MIT ID #11BSGC000066). International calling codes for the United States vary please check this website for the correct code.

You are strongly advised to visit the MIT's International SOS Program Portal to sign up before your trip. This custom-designed site has a wealth of resources providing country-specific medical and security travel advice as well as a list of all ISOS benefits. You can sign up for email alerts, register your trip, and print a copy of the ISOS Membership card. We also encourage you to download the ISOS App onto your mobile device prior to your travel.

The link below contains useful information for your trip abroad. Please look through before you go abroad. If you have any questions, you may notify Cathi Modica in Physics, Elsye Luc in LNS HQ or your administrative support person for your group.

*Information for Students going to CERN or Abroad

Your Time Abroad
During your time abroad, the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan will cover your care if you have a medical emergency or need urgent medical care anywhere in the world. If you receive emergency or urgent care from a provider or facility that participates with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), the provider or facility will simply bill Blue Cross for your treatment.

You may receive non-routine, non-urgent care when you are out of the area, including office visits to healthcare providers for illnesses or injuries, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse services, diagnostic tests, and physical therapy. Your out-of-pocket costs will always be lower if you receive these services from a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)-participating provider (Preferred Provider) .

Finding Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Providers
Outside of the country: To find a BCBS-participating provider (Preferred Provider) outside of the U.S., go to BlueCard Worldwide, Click on the accept button in the box to your right, then enter the first three letters of the identification code on your insurance card (MTP) and click "GO."

BlueCross Login Screen

The screen below will load. From the "Select a Provide Type" area box, choose "Hospital/Inpatient"

Find a provider

The screen below will appear. Choose a "Specialty," if known, choose "Country," "City" and "Range" and hit "Search".

provider search

The below list will populate. You should always try to use the "Preferred Provider," but for an emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital facility.

hospital list


Modified 12/7/17