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AccessMIT - Commuting Choices

LNS Parking Coordinator - Elsye Luc

In September 2016 MIT introduced the Access MIT program and converted most parking in gated lots on the MIT Cambridge campus to pay-per-day lots that require an Occasional “Pay-per-day” Permit. No annual commitment is required and your total expense will be capped at the current academic year rate (the equivalent of a one-year pass). This new parking program is part of Access MIT. The programs under Access MIT provide commuters with the flexibility to choose, day-to-day, how they would like to commute, and encourage us all to utilize a variety of transportation options over the course of a given week. So ditch the car when you can! Drive today, take the subway or bus tomorrow, and walk when the weather is nice.

New Access MIT commuter benefits include:

  • Free, unrestricted use of the MBTA subway and local bus systems for benefits-eligible Cambridge campus MIT faculty and staff with the Access MIT pass
    • Your MIT ID and T-Pass in One
  • A 60% commuter rail subsidy
  • A 50% subsidy for parking at MBTA stations, up to $100 per month
  • A shift from annual to daily pay-per-day parking plans at MIT gated lots

Read about the T-pass program.

If you have any questions about the Access MIT Program, visit the FAQs.

To apply for parking, subsidy and reimbursement incentive programs, visit your Commuting Benefits page on Atlas.