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Now that you have completed answering many questions about your training program, it is time to design the content, materials, exercises, and related areas. This may include many meetings with stakeholders about content, exploration of off-the-shelf training options such as web-modules, and other meetings to ensure optimal design.

This training delivery and design tool offers guidelines and questions to assist this overall process and is not intended as a step-by-step process through the design and development phases. Along with that, ensuring inclusivity for all members of the community, remembering to incorporate adult learning theory in the program, and ensuring equal access are important to mention again.

For more information about delivery methods, please review the Delivery Methods Full Scale Matrix. You will also find background information about MIT staff perceptions and experience of delivery methods by reading the MIT Delivery Methods Survey Report.

In addition, for more information about the factors and the questions to explore, please review:

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