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Attendance Policy

If you know you will miss a rehearsal, notify your section leader and Bill in advance. Bill, our director, is the only person who can excuse your absence for legitimate reasons (which can be taken into account for grading purposes).

If you decide to leave the choir, please notify your section leader and then return your music scores as soon as you are able.

If you miss three or more rehearsals (whether or not they are excused), you will need to re-audition with Bill so he can make sure you’re learning the music to continue in choir. We will keep track of attendance and try to remind you if you have missed three or more rehearsals, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you are re-auditioned so that you are fairly graded later.

Three or more tardies will result in expulsion from the choir. Leaving rehearsal early without notifying Bill or your section leader will also result in expulsion from the choir.

Sectionals are mandatory, so that we can learn the notes before coming to rehearsal where we want to focus on making music, so talk with Bill to work something out if you have a conflict.