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Resources for Choir members

Extemporaneous canons, 2021-2022

Two extemporaneous canons were alluded to in this season's performances: one in Bach, Magnificat (Fall 2021), and one in Vaughan Williams, Dona Nobis Pacem (Spring 2022). Now it is finally possible to hear them for real, using high pass filters. Be sure to check out the originals too!

Bill's Birthday Bash, Spring 2022

See the photos from Bill's birthday celebration!

Beethoven 9, Fall 2021

See pronunciation and translation resources for Beethoven 9.

International Phonetic Alphabet for German pronunciation (c. 2018)

IPA for German, PDF file

Sectional locations

Last updated Spring 2022.

Reference and email from Bill for who goes to what room.

24-033F Instructions: Imagine the basement of building 24 is a T. Go to the middle of the stem of the T.