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Grading Policy


Students can register for 21M.401 to receive 6 units (0-4-2) of music performance credit for their participation in Concert Choir. This credit may be used to fulfill a HASS concentration, minor, or major in Music (21M). There are no prerequisites. Your grade in Concert Choir will be determined using the following criteria:

  • Juries: Midterm and Final, 50%
    • A = pitches and rhythms accurate, expressive markings observed, accurate diction
    • B = pitches and rhythms accurate
    • C = mistakes in pitches and/or rhythms
    • D = did you come to rehearsals??
  • Attendance (rehearsals and sectionals): 40%
    • Regardless of whether you are taking the class for credit, three missed rehearsals or sectionals will warrant a re-audition with the director (to make sure you are learning the material).
    • For those taking the course for credit, each unexcused absence after the three will result in the lowering of your grade a letter name. Absences can be excused by the director (preferably before the fact).
    • Excused absences include: health (doctor’s note required), family emergency, job interview.
    • Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory. Missing a dress rehearsal will result in the drop of a letter in your grade.
  • Service requirement: 10%
    • Please see the description here.