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University of Florida: C-band Radiometer

In addition to the TMRS-3 radiometer systems built for internal use, the MWGP group also built a dual-polarized C-band radiometer for Professor Judge at the University of Florida. The UFl (for University of Florida) radiometer was built using the same methods as our own C-band radiometer, including the STAR-Light front-end module. The one major difference was that only one RF front-end was used and was switched between the H-pol and V-pol antenna inputs. This reduced the size, weight and cost requirements on the radiometer but would not allow it to be upgraded in the future to fully-polarimetric. Because of the switching at the front end, this has some aspects common to the 19GHz and 37GHz TMRS-3 radiometers. In addition, the power supplies were included within the case for the UFl radiometer so it could be operated stand-alone.

The following image shows two views of the insides of the UFl radiometer. The middle mounting plate is propped up. In the first view the control electronics, two power supplies and the single thermoelectric cooler can be seen. In the second view, the large 24V power supply and 120V AC wiring is seen on the left and the heat sinks for thermal flow are seen on the right.

Two Views of U of FL Lower Box Electronics
Two Views of U of FL Lower Box Electronics (JPG - 236K)