This web page contains additional supplementary data for Amsterdam, et al. (2004) Identification of 315 genes essential for early zebrafish development. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences 101: 12792-12797, which can be viewed here.

Photographs of the mutants are available through the links below. The mutants in the paper are listed in numerical order by hi#, and spread over 10 pages. You can go directly to a page containing a given mutant, or browse throught the entire list by going from page to page (the top and bottom of each page contains links to the next page, previous page, and to return to this page). Additional mutants whose genes were identified subsequent to the publication of the PNAS paper can be found via the "unpublished mutants" link.

Each entry includes the name of the mutated gene, a brief phenotypic description, and photos of the mutants which can be enlarged by double clicking on the picture; a full sized photo with caption will open in a new window. In addition, you can view where the mutagenic inserts lie within each gene by clicking on the family number (hi number in the left column). This includes a text description of where in the gene the insert(s) is/are, as well as the specific sequences flanking the inserts. Exons are shown in UPPER CASE, with untranslated regions in RED and coding sequences in BLUE. In most cases, only the exons nearest to the insertion site(s) are shown, not the entire gene.

Additional information on the mutated genes can be found in the paper's Table 3, which is published as as supporting information on the PNAS Web site.


Families hi1 - hi383a Families hi399 - hi889 Families hi891 - hi1124 Families hi1134 - hi1479 Families hi1482 - hi1903c
Families hi1942 - hi2393 Families hi2394 - hi2688 Families hi2689 - hi3079 Families hi3101 - hi3634 Families hi3635 - hi4201b