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ProfessorKumar ShanmugamProfessor Pedro Reis

ProfessorKumar Shanmugam
Professor Kumar Shanmugam
PI at Masdar Institute


The research is aimed at developing dynamically transformative camouflage materials which would have potential applications in diverse fields at several length scales. The ultimate goal of this proposed study is to explore the mechanics of camouflage materials so as to design new hybrid soft/composite materials which would have potential applications in a wide array of fields. To this end, we need to model and interpret transformation behavior of camouflage materials and to verify the predictions experimentally.


The research falls under the category of "Advanced Materials" and is expected to be of interest to Abu Dhabi as the research would contribute to several sectors that have been identified as the key areas to achieve the Emirate’s agenda of economic diversification. This means that, if successful, the inter-disciplinary research outcome would enable us to develop and design new bio-inspired hybrid, multi-functional materials which would have potential applications in all MI’s thematic areas for both structural and non-structural applications at nano- and micro-length scales.