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Microsystems Engineering

Energy Efficient Wearable Sensor with Body Area Network

Professor Anantha Chandrakasan
Professor Anantha Chandrakasan

Professor Jerald Yoo
Professor Jerald Yoo
PI at Masdar Institute


The goal of this project is to design and implement a low energy wearable EEG sensor. The proposed EEG sensor node consists of an ultra-low-energy analog front-end that detects and amplifies a bio signal, a dedicated ultra low-power digital signal processor (DSP) to extract context-of-interest, and a network transmitter to efficiently transmit collected data. In addition, low energy operation is of primary importance in realizing "continuous" wearable healthcare sensor with limited energy source. This project is a convergence of both healthcare and sustainability, which will become an engine for Abu Dhabi's future.


Low energy circuit technology is a key means of conserving energy in advanced microelectronic devices and the advanced circuit techniques developed as part of this project are directly relevant to Abu Dhabi's evolving semi-conductor industry.