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Microsystems Engineering

PZT Transducers for Advanced Ultrasound Imaging Systems

Professor Sang-Gook Kim
Professor Sang-Gook Kim

Professor Firas N. Sammoura
Professor Firas N. Sammoura
PI at Masdar Institute


The research outcome of this project will be an optimal design of tiny 2-D array of ultrasound transducers that will enable portable/embedded ultrasound imaging systems. The requirement generation for medical applications has been jointly pursued with Prof. Sodini and Prof. Lee of MIT EECS along the progress of this project. The 2-D piezoelectric microarray would allow much quicker scans for 3-D imaging, enable ultraportable systems for quick scans and ubiquitous uses and allow advanced medical imaging capability such as intracardiac echocardiography without the perils of high voltages used in capacitive transducers.


This project will contribute to the body of knowledge needed to advance medical applications and will be applied to the further development of the ultra-wide bandwidth energy harvesters. It aims to make the energy harvesters practically deployable to real-world applications, such as sensors for energy efficient building, structural monitoring of the crude oil pipelines and leak detection sensor networks for water supply pipe lines, all of which are in line with the Masdar's vision.

Ultra-wide bandwidth energy harvester
Ultra-wide bandwidth energy harvester by Kim group.