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Electrical Power Engineering

Sustainable Networks: From Smart Grids to
Green Robust Information Networks

Professor Eytan Modiano
Professor Eytan Modiano

Sid Chi-Kin Chau
Sid Chi-Kin Chau
PI at Masdar Institute


Smart grids, integrating electrical power networks and information networks, are a new paradigm for future energy systems. Only limited studies have looked at the interplay between electrical power networks and information networks. In this research, we carry out a comprehensive study to understand the interdependence between electrical power networks and information networks in smart grids.


The information networking perspective to energy networks is a key component required for low-carbon economic development and energy efficiency. There are vibrant related ongoing research activities in Masdar Institute and Masdar City that are complementary to this research. These include Siemens' research center in Masdar City, focusing on research programs such as smart grids and smart buildings. There are also a number of ongoing MIT-Masdar collaborative projects related to smart grids.