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Employers speak

Tetra Pak Jurong

Challenging conventional wisdom is nothing new for Ms Yang Jing Xia.

She is currently working in Tetra Pak's Supply Chain Integration department.

Jing Xia's association with Tetra Pak started with the SMA collaboration programme in 2009, when she was doing her undergraduate project in supply chain resilience. Her contributions to the company come in two-fold. First, she assisted the company by exercising flexibility in coming up with the best strategy to enhance supply chain operations for the Southeast Asia and Greater China clusters. Secondly, she helped to secure for the company a systematic and continuous improvement process for its end-to-end supply chain performance.

By tapping into her interest in supply chain innovation, the company can fully engage her proactiveness and resourcefullness. I must say that Jing Xia's petite frame belies the fire in her belly, for she is both focused and determined. She is also able to win over her colleagues with her diligence and technical knowledge in supply chain applications.

Currently, Jing Xia is well-prepared and has taken up higher-level projects such as WIP (Work-In-Progress) Optimisation and Sales Demand Management in Marketing Company Value Stream Mapping.

I applaud the attributes that Jing Xia has developed from her stint in SMA. Describing herself as one who has "a positive attitude, approachable and responsive to learning", Jing Xia has already distinguished herself as one who is action-oriented and goal-seeking.

– Mr Hong Kok Leong, Tetra Pak, South and South East Asia Cluster

– World Class Manufacturing Champion

Procter & Gamble Singapore

Procter & Gamble Singapore

April Li Meng works on solving supply network design problems for our company, across a variety of business units in Asia, involving frequent interaction with resources across the globe. This not only involves complex mathematical modeling, but also requires working with diverse cultures. She has demonstrated skills in both areas, helped no doubt by her academic background and experiences.

– Mr Pradipta Saha, Global Business Services