Title - Seminars, Workshops & Outreach Activities

Over the years, three programme-based networking seminars were jointly delivered by visiting MIT fellows and their Singapore counterparts. They include the CE Workshop on BioMEMS –Micro/Nano-fluidic devices: Simulation and Experimentation on 20 July 2009, MST Symposium on Manufacturing of Microfluidic Devices on 21 January 2010 and CPE Conference on Advanced Chemical and Membrane Technology. The seminars were attended by a total of 270 participants from universities, research institutes and the industry.

Mr Todd Glickman, Associate Director of MIT Office of Corporate Relations, was in Singapore on 9 October 2009 to introduce the Regional Competitiveness Program (RCP). RCP is a new initiative that sprouted from the widely acclaimed Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

Eight exchange visits to industry were also made last year. MST visited BD Medical, Schlumberger and Tetra Pak Jurong, among others, to explore suitable placements for its students’ theme projects. CSB visited Affymetrix Pte Ltd and Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery. A total of more than 50 industry members, faculty and students participated in these visits.