Students Speak

Guo Qiang

Guo Qiang As an SMA Master-PhD student in the AMM&NS programme, I have enjoyed a world-class education as well as an excellent research environment. Throughout my studies, I received excellent guidance from both my Singapore and MIT thesis supervisors – Prof Li Yi from NUS and Prof Carl Thompson from MIT – as well as convenient access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities. I have also benefitted immensely from the highly collaborative nature of the AMM&NS programme and the complementary expertise of my supervisors. Owing to the combination of their creative ideas, the research project has produced important publications, including one published in the leading scientific journal Science. These achievements would not have been possible if the research was conducted elsewhere.

Besides unique academic and research experiences, the SMA programme also gives its students the great opportunity to experience two different cultures. Thanks to SMA's generous financial support, I had the opportunity to spend one and a half years in MIT and three and a half years in Singapore during my PhD. This arrangement meant that I was able to enjoy both the liberal atmosphere in the US as well as the convenience and vibrancy of Singaporean living. This unique cultural experience has greatly enriched my knowledge and has also enabled me to acquire a broader worldview.

Wang Wen

Wang Wen I am a PhD student in the CPE programme. During my four-year study with the SMA, I found NUS to be a great place to learn cutting-edge technologies and conduct indepth research. The faculty members in the CPE programme from both NUS and MIT were very nice and friendly, and were always happy to provide insightful advice on subjects ranging from career options to the value of life.

In the course of my research, I received lots of guidance from my advisors, Prof Li Zhi and Prof Daniel Wang. Under their supervision, I completed a research project, with the results being published in the top Chemistry journal, JACS. Because of SMA, I grew to become both a devoted researcher as well as an excellent presenter. I had the opportunity to attend many international conferences and even managed to win the prize of "Best Oral Presenter" in one of them. I have also managed to build close relationships with my colleagues in the CPE programme. They will be my life long friends for sure.

Thank you for providing me the chance to study with the SMA. I really appreciate this opportunity to widen my horizons.