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Incentive-Based Subsidies: Designing Output-Based Subsidies for Water Consumption. Andrés Gómez-Lobo. Public Policy for the Private Sector, Note Number 232. 2001.
(PDF Download)

Possible Adverse Effects of Increasing Block Water Tariffs in Developing Countries. Dale Whittington. Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 41, no.1. USA, University of Chicago. 1992. (Link)

Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges. American Water Works Association. AWWA, Denver, 2000. 341 pages. (To order)
This manual examines an array of issues in setting water rates and structures. It provides in-depth guidance on the pros and cons of alternative rate structures and their impact on customers.


Cost Recovery

Cross-subsidies and network expansion in developing countries. Laffont, J., and A. N. Gbo. In: EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW 44: 797-805. 2000.

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“Problems of Cost Recovery in Development projects: Experience of the Lusaka Squatter Upgrading and Site/Service Project.” Sanyal, Bish. 1987. Urban Studies 24 (4): 285-295.

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