Bibliography Must Read List

'Must read' items are indicated by a Star and most include a copy of their Table of Contents or an abstract. When available, a pdf download of the full report is included, noted by the phase: (PDF download available)

Star Independent Water and Sanitation Providers in African Cities: Full Report of a Ten-Country Study. Collignon, Bernard, and Marc Vézina. Water and Sanitation Program. UNDP-World Bank. April 2000. (See Abstract)

 Star Low Cost Urban Sanitation. Duncan Mara. Univ. of Leeds, UK. John Wiley & Sons. 1996. (See Abstract and Table of Contents)

Star Sanitation Without Water. Winblad, Uno and Wen Kilama. Published with the support of the Swedish International Development Authority. MacMillan, 1985. (See Abstract and Table of Contents)

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