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'Must read' items are indicated by a Star and most include a copy of their Table of Contents or an abstract. When available, a pdf download of the full report is included, noted by the phase: (PDF download available)


Services to the Urban Poor: Guidelines for policymakers, planners, and engineers. Andrew Cotton and Kevin Tayler. Produced by WEDC in collaboration with GHK Research and Training, Ltd. (abstract)


Water Supply

A Model for the Development of a Self-help Water Supply Program. Colin Glennie. Technology Advisory Group Working Paper Number One. The World Bank. 1982.

Community Water Supply: the Hand Pump Option. Saul Arlosoroff. The World Bank. 1987, 1998. This report investigates the cost-effectiveness and reliability of two water supply systems, ground water and hand pumps. It is based on the findings of UNDP/World Bank Hand Pumps projects, where thousands of hand pumps of many different designs have been field-tested by the projects to produce accurate and reliable results. In a second edition about half the entries have been updated to take account of new test data on the pumps concerned.

Ghana Case Study: Final Report. Water Utilities Partnership. Prepared by Training Research and Networking for Development (TREND) for the Ghana Water Company, Ltd. Accra, Ghana. June 2000.

Nigeria Case Study: Final Report. Water Utilities Partnership. Prepared by Engr. Mohammed H. Iliyas and Engr, Suleiman Sani, for the Kano State Water Board. Nigeria. March 2000.

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation: Time for a Change. Anthony A. Churchill with the assistance of David de Ferranti, Robert Roche, Carolyn Tager, Alan A. Walters, and Anthony Yazer. World Bank Discussion Papers No. 18. The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 1987. (See Abstract)

Tanzania Case Study. Water Utility Partnership. Prepared by Engr. Bill Wandera for the Dar Es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. June 2000.

“Water and Sanitation in La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia”, Alain Carbonel, Aguas del Illimani, International Conference: Infrastructure for Development: Private Solutions and the Poor, May 31 - June 2, 2000, London, United Kingdom.


Sanitation Provision

Good Sewers Cheap. Watson, Gabrielle. Washington DC: World Bank.

Household sanitation in Kumasi, Ghana: A description of current practices, attitudes, and perceptions. Whittington, D., D. Lauria, K. Choe, J. Hughes, and V. Swarna. In WORLD DEVELOPMENT 21(5) Pages 733-748. 1993.

Star Low Cost Urban Sanitation. Duncan Mara. Univ. of Leeds, UK. John Wiley & Sons. 1996. (See Abstract and Table of Contents)

Low-cost urban sanitation in Lesotho. Blackett, I. Washington, DC: UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program. 1994.

Star Sanitation Without Water. Winblad, Uno and Wen Kilama. Published with the support of the Swedish International Development Authority. MacMillan, 1985. (See Abstract and Table of Contents)

Sanitation Publications. WSSC-Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative. (Links: Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq)

Simplified Sewerage: Design Guidelines. Alexander Bakalian, Albert Wright,
Richard Otis, Jose de Azevedo Netto. World Bank. May 1994.

Toward a Strategic Sanitation Approach: Improving the Sustainability of Urban Sanitation in Developing Countries. Albert M. Wright. World Bank. November 1997. (Download)

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