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'Must read' items are indicated by a Star and most include a copy of their Table of Contents or an abstract. When available, a pdf download of the full report is included, noted by the phase: (PDF download available)
Star Better Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor: Good Practice from sub-Saharan Africa. Water Utility Partnership for Capacity Building (WUP) Africa. Kenya, July 2003.
(see Table of Contents and Introduction) (pdf download available)

“Community Infrastructure for Low-Income Cities: The Potential for Progressive Improvement.” Charles L. Choguill. 1999. Habitat International 23 (2): pp 289-301. (See Abstract)

“Conditions of Confusion and Conflict: Rethinking the Infrastructure-Economic Development Linkage.” Felbinger, Claire. 1995. In Building the Public City: The Politics, Governance, and Finance of Public Infrastructure, pp 109-117. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

"Drinking water supply in cities of developing countries." Zarah, M. In WATER: UNRELIABLE SUPPLY IN DELHI. New Delhi: Manohar. Pages 25-45. 1999.

The massive water scarcity now threatening Africa: Why it is not being addressed. Falkenmark, M. In AMBIO 18(2). Pages 112-118. 1989.

Rural water supply and sanitation in Tanzania: Issues and lessons in donor program delivery. Kleemeier, L. Unpublished report to the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program. Date ?

Toward a strategic sanitation approach: Improving the sustainability of urban sanitation in developing countries. Wright, A. Bakalian, A., et al. Washington, DC: UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program. 1994.

Urban Water Supply Conditions and Needs in 75 Developing Countries. Bernd H. Dieterich. World Health Organization. 1963. A useful comparison on how far we have progressed in providing water.

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