Travel Procedures


Booking Travel
Please fill out the attached travel request PDF form and forward it to Lauren Saragosa ( to arrange travel or to request information about travel costs and availability.

Flights based on the itinerary you propose on the travel request form will be provided. Flights will be booked through MIT’s approved travel agency, The Travel Collaborative. Please note, you may do your own research and propose specific flights, hotels, etc. For student, staff and postdoc travel, your supervisor must sign off on the form authorizing the trip and include an account number. If there is a budget I need to know about, please note it on the form.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements and pay on your personal credit card, you are still subject to MIT Policy on travel. Please check with Lauren Saragosa regarding those policies beforehand, as needed. You should also confirm with your supervisor that the trip is authorized. You will not be able to claim reimbursement until you return from your trip. Please also attach approval from your supervisor when you submit your expense report.

All MIT Travelers are required to register their travel through the MIT Travel Registry. The MIT Travel Registry collects trip-related information for MIT students, faculty, staff and affiliates so that the Institute can locate and contact travelers in an area where health, safety and security are threatened.

Travel Expense Reports
Travelers are required to submit an expense report via the MIT online expense reporting system (Concur) within 60 days after the completion of a trip. The expense report is necessary not only to request reimbursement for out of pocket expenses but also reconcile charges made on the MIT Travel Card. Detailed instructions are located to the left under Concur Guide for Submitters.

In order to ensure the integrity of the Institute’s travel documentation system, LNS will need to retain/keep on file an original or a complete and legible electronic image of the receipt associated with each trip. This is necessary for audit purposes and is required for travel under sponsored research projects.

Car Rental and Insurance
MIT and LNS strongly encourages you to use MIT’s partner car rental agencies (Avis or Budget) which provide volume-based discounts and insurance on vehicles for MIT travelers. Please be sure to provide the rental agent with MIT’s corporate number when renting vehicles. If the corporate code is not provided at time of rental the coverage will not be in place. The use of these agencies will serve to mitigate MIT’s financial risk associated with automobile accidents and losses including theft of the vehicle. In the event that an agency other than Budget or Avis is chosen and the driver is involved in a single car accident, at fault accident or cannot identify the responsible third party, the department will be responsible for the $1,000.00 deductible. See MIT Office of Insurance for details on this policy.

When traveling domestically, travelers under NO circumstances purchase insurance offered by car rental agencies when booking a rental car. When traveling internationally, including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands, travelers SHOULD purchase the insurance under all circumstances. For further details regarding car rentals see MIT Travel Policy 3.05c.