Advertising & Promotion

Electronic Displays

The Lecture Series Committee

The Lecture Series Committee (LSC) (W20-469, 253-3791) presents slides before all its movies. An LSC slide is an inexpensive and effective way to publicize your message to the general MIT community. Your slide will typically receive three showings each night, or a total of eight showings each weekend. Slides are shown prior to each movie presented by LSC, including classics and special events. Contact LSC at, or visit for more information, rates, and slide design tips.

Infinite Display

MIT AV (4-107, 253-2808) has partnered with MIT Copytech (11-004/253-2806) to provide a campus wide digital signage system to communicate messages to the MIT Community. This system of over 10 display panels and projectors allows groups, labs and departments to publicize their events for reasonable costs to a wide audience. To find out more, including how to submit postings to the system, see Recognized student groups are allowed one free three day posting per semester on the screens in the 5 Student Zone screens.