Due to COVID-19, the information in this Guide is superseded by new Institute policies and procedures.
For the most up to date information, visit: https://institute-events.mit.edu/covid-19_eventplanning

Advertising & Promotion

MIT Home Page

The MIT homepage is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each month, which makes it an ideal venue for showcasing the Institute's dynamic, boundary-pushing culture. This is accomplished through a changing "Spotlight," which exposes MIT news and events that are likely to be of interest to a broad, global audience. MIT community members with events or news that fit these criteria are encouraged to submit a Spotlight request here: spotlight.mit.edu/request.

The MIT News Office, which manages the homepage, gives careful consideration to all Spotlight requests it receives, but not all requests can be featured as Spotlights. For events and activities that may not rise to the level of a Spotlight but that are nonetheless of interest to the community, the News Office offers several other platforms, including "Of Note" and "Event Headlines."

Of Note performs a similar function to that of the Spotlight, but it is geared toward the MIT community. Published each day on the MIT News site, an Of Note typically comprises a 150-word description of an event along with an illustration. An Of Note automatically appears as a headline on the MIT homepage, which links to the complete entry on MIT News. Submit an Of Note request here: spotlight.mit.edu/request.

Event Headlines are the items that appear under the "Events" section of the MIT homepage. To submit an Event Headline request go here: spotlight.mit.edu/request, and select "event headline." Each headline typically links to the full event description on the MIT Calendar; the central repository for all events taking place at the Institute. Any MIT community member with a valid MIT certificate is welcome to submit events to the calendar. To post an event to the MIT Calendar, visit: events.mit.edu.

Requestors should be aware that, with very few exceptions, events promoted on the homepage must be accessible to the broad MIT community. Therefore, those events that require a fee for entry or attendance are rarely considered as Spotlights, Of Notes, and Event Headlines.