Reserving Facilities


Classroom space is assigned by the Schedules Office (5-115, and can be requested by completing the 'Classroom Reservation Request Form' found on their website. The Schedules Office has 158 classrooms in its inventory and classroom capacity ranges from 15 to 566. Classroom furniture styles vary from moveable armchairs, to tables and chairs, to fixed seats. No food is allowed in the classrooms. Detailed descriptions of classrooms are available on the web at Academic classes have priority over all other uses.

The Schedules Office opens its books for non-academic scheduling in mid-May for Fall requests, November for IAP requests, mid-December for Spring requests, and mid-January for Summer requests. See the timeline: Classroom requests are made on-line at

For non-class event logistics in Stata classrooms, contact the Campus Activities Complex. For all other non-class event furniture requests in the classrooms contact Custodial Services, 10-063, 253-7923, (service request).

Special Considerations for Reserving Classrooms
  1. Any type of performance which requires the use of platforms, scenery, stages, and lighting are not allowed in classrooms.
  2. Food and alcohol are not permitted in classroom facilities.
  3. All arrangements for support services must be made, in advance, by contracting the appropriate offices (i.e. Audio-Visual, Custodial Services, etc.). The Schedules Office does not coordinate logistics.

Campus Activities Complex (CAC)
W20-500, 253-3913

Reservations Office
W32-135, 253-4916

Custodial Services
10-063, 253-7923

Association of Student Activities (ASA)
W20-401, 253-2696

Student Activities Office (SAO)
W20-500, 253-6777