AMM&NS Programme


Programme Co-Chair
Stavros Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Processing and properties of thin films and nanostructures for applications in electronic and electromechanical devices and systems.


Ray and Maria Stata Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT

Expertise: MOSFET device physics and technology.

CHIANG, Yet-Ming

Kyocera Professor, Materials of Science and Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Ceramics, interfaces and colloids, energy technologies, electrochemistry, batteries, actuators and entrepreneurship.


Merton C Flemings-SMA Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Electronic materials, heteroepitaxy, heterointegration, and commercialisation of fundamental technologies.


Associate Professor of Computational Materials Science, MIT
Toyota Chair of Materials Engineering

Expertise: Development and application of electronic-structure modelling to predict the properties of complex materials and devices.

ROSS, Caroline A

Toyota Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Magnetic materials, especially for data storage applications in hard disks and patterned media, magnetic random access memories, materials for magneto-optical applications, magnetic and electronic devices, thin film technology and film growth, especially by sputtering, evaporation, electrodeposition and pulsed laser deposition, and templated self-assembly processes such as the formation of ordered structures in block copolymers.

SMITH, Henry I

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Director, Nanostructures Laboratory, MIT

Expertise: Nanofabrication, nanophotonics and templated self assembly.

STELLACI, Francesco

Paul M Cook Career Development Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Nanomaterials, supramolecular materials, electronic materials and self-assembly.


Dean of the School of Engineering, MIT
Ford Professor of Engineering, MIT

Expertise: Nanostructured materials, surfaces, interfaces and thin films; biological cells and infectious diseases, cell mechanics and cancer.