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Dawn Wendell is a first-year PhD student in mechanical engineering. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Her research is in medical devices and instrumentation, where her most recent project was creating a new drug injector for sheep! For hobbies, Dawn builds robots and does craft projects (most recently, cross-stich). She's looking forward to spending the summer teaching the Mechanical Engineering class with Roz and getting the students excited about engineering!
Sungyon Lee is a 2nd year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, finishing her Master's degree. Her research is in analytical fluid mechanics, more specifically developing mathematical methods to study viscoelastic fluids. Apart from academics, Sungyon loves movies, music, and a nice walk around Boston. =)
Roz Takata is a second-year Master's student in mechanical engineering. Her research is in automotive engines, where she is studying ways to reduce engine friction in order to increase efficiency, and she is generally interested in saving the environment in any possible way. Roz also loves photography and working with clay, and is terrible at ultimate frisbee but likes it anyway.

Residential Tutors

Connie Yeh :o)
Year: 2008
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
I'm a sophomore in 2A, a joint major in mechanical engineering with a chosen concentration in industrial design and mechatronics. I like to hang around the Media Lab in the Physical Language Workshop as a UROP. MIT's kind of like Hogwarts for someone like me - I grew up doing a lot of random non-engineering things from ballet to horseback riding, but I guess I've always done art-related things from music to theater to visual art. Most of the things I end up doing are explained in a mouthful and a half, but I like to create things and amuse others (take that as you will). I enjoy helping people find their way even if I haven't found my own yet. This is my first time with WTP, and, like everyone else, I look forward to meeting you all.
Batya Fellman
Hi everyone, I am finishing up my sophomore year here and am looking forward to being an academic tutor for WTP. It will also be my first summer spent in Boston, so I am excited about finally being able to spend some time outside. Outside of class and everything else academic, I love sports, cooking, traveling, exploring Boston (especially finding the best restaurants), and just hanging out having a good time. I look forward to meeting you all soon!
Christina Royce
I'm a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Manufacturing Research. I'll be working for the General Electric Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY starting this fall as part of their Edison Engineering Development Program. While there I hope to work on wind turbines, locomotive engines, fuel cells, and hopefully much more! So that's the serious stuff, but what do I like to do for fun? I try to make the most of Boston where I've spent the last two years living in Kenmore Square (right by Fenway Park!) For instance, since I love reading, one of my favorite hang-outs is the Boston Public Library, which is a gorgeous building that I really can't spend enough time in! I'm also definitely up for outdoor fun; last summer I let my daredevil side show through and went skydiving! Traveling is also an avid interest of mine, and I started young, since I was born in India and came to the U.S. on my first international flight when I was barely two years old. Since then some of my favorite trips have been to the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Rainforest and Denali National Park in Alaska. I'm really excited about getting to know all of you this summer, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Kristina Haller

I am just finishing up my sohpomore year in mechanical engineering with a minor in Chinese. When I am not in class, I am busy designing and building my team of soccer-playing robots, RFC Cambridge, the MIT-Harvard Robocup team. What do I do when I am not taking over the world with my swarm of robots? I am always up for a game of cards, any and all sorts of puzzles, I play oboe in chamber music, and I love to build all sorts of crazy things. Boston is a great place to be and I look forward to showing you all around! :o)

Muyinatu Lediju
Hi! My name is Muyinatu (pronounced moo-e-not) Lediju. I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. While at MIT, I have participated in a number of extra-curricular activities and student-run organizations, some of which include: Pi Tau Sigma, which is the Mechanical Engineering Honor Society; the Biomedical Engineering Society, where I currently serve as Layout Editor for our monthly newsletter publication, TheBioTECH; and the Reach Out program, where I tutor children at Cambridge Community Center and help them with reading, writing, and language arts. I also enjoy running, cooking/learning new recipes, and spending time with family and friends. In past summers, I was an intern at Medtronic, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN and at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, CT. So, like many of you, this will be my first summer in Boston! As for my future goals, I will be attending graduate school in biomedical engineering at Duke University this fall, and I look forward to spending my last moments here at MIT with all of you wonderful girls in the Women’s Technology Program!

Residential Assistant

Jennifer Doyle
I was in WTP in 2004, and it was amazing; I'm really happy to be back! I'm majoring in MechE, but I'm hoping to have time to learn some more EECS, too. For a long time, I was planning to be an artist, so I'm into artsy things -- making greeting cards, drawing, knitting, etc. That's why I picked MechE; building things seems crafty and creative to me. Besides academics, I run cross-country and track, and I also play flute and piccolo. In my free time (or when I'm procrastinating) I fold origami cranes (lots of them). I also enjoy sleeping, eating, wasting time on the computer, and getting along/fighting with my twin brother. Eating pie and memorizing digits of pi also top my list of fun activities to do, though I don't necessarily do both at once!

WTP Associate Director & WTP-ME Track Coordinator

Dr. Barbara Hughey joined the Mechanical Engineering Department in 2002 as Lab Manager for the junior-level Measurement and Instrumentation Course. She is a graduate of Princeton University (BSE 1981 in Engineering Physics) and MIT (PhD 1989 in Physics). After receiving her Ph.D she worked in the Boston area developing accelerator-based instruments, primarily for medical applications. Most recently, she was involved with the development at the BEAMS Lab at MIT of an instrument for sensitive detection of carbon-14 applicable to drug development. She is a dedicated violinist, having served as concertmaster of both the Princeton and MIT Orchestras, as well as having been an active participant in the MIT Chamber Music Society with her husband, a pianist. She is a member of the Council for the Arts at MIT and currently performs with and serves on the Board of Directors of the Lexington Symphony. She has two children who are in grades 10 and 8. When she has free time, she enjoys gardening, reading science fiction, roller blading, and bird watching.


Alisha Schor
I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad, class of 2007. I was a student in the pilot WTP-EECS program in the summer of 2002, and a residential assistant to WTP-EECS in the summer of 2004. I'm a co-captain to the MIT varsity track and cross country teams, and enjoy, in addition to running, all things active, especially snowboarding. Arts and crafts are also fun, as well as graphic design (and websites!).