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Meredith Silberstein is a second-year PhD student in mechanical engineering. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She studies the mechanical behavior of polymeric materials for energy applications. Outside of lab she enjoys ultimate frisbee, running, soccer, and reading.
Dawn Wendell is a fourth-year PhD student in mechanical engineering. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, as well as a Bachelor degree in Biology. Dawn was instrumental in developing the curriculum and teaching the WTP-ME inaugural summer of 2006. For hobbies, Dawn builds robots and does craft projects (most recently, knitting).
Danielle Zurovcik is a fourth-year PhD student in mechanical engineering with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University with minors in Engineering Mechanics, Product Realization, Engineering Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Development. Her current research focuses on the development of a negative pressure wound therapy device.  Danielle was involved in the Women in Engineering Program Orientation at Penn State for four years, and is looking forward to experiencing WTP for the first time!  In her free time, Danielle enjoys playing any sport, traveling, learning to play the guitar and “making music,” drawing and completing art-related projects, and hanging out with friends.

Residential Tutors

Xuefeng Chen - I am a sophomore in mechanical engineering, and I really like the challenges I get from MIT. I'm from Virginia, right outside D.C., but I also really enjoy Boston, especially when the weather is nice. There will be lots of trips to explore the city. I enjoy playing sports, especially rowing and IM ice hockey. There is no food I am not willing to try, so there will be cooking from me and I wll taste all of your creations. I also enjoy reading and keeping up with my favorite TV shows. I'm very excited to meet you all! x_chen@MIT.EDU

Sarah Cole - I am junior in Mechanical Engineering.  I am also studying towards a minor in the History of Art and Architecture.  This will be my first summer with WTP.  I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  I currently work at Starbucks and enjoy the free drinks!  When I have extra time, I enjoy listening to music, walking around Boston, sailing in the Charles, and painting.  I look forward to sharing my summer with you all.

Kristina Haller - Hello! I am a graduating senior in Mechanical Engineering. I am going onto grad school at University of Washington next year to continue studying robotics. I was a tutor at WTP-ME in its first year and I had a great time, so I am looking forward to returning to share with you my love for robots, video games, chinese, card games, and a large assortment of other things. Feel free to email me if you want to chat,, or if you have any complaints please contact Caitlin (see below) :o)

Karina Pikhart - Hi there! My name's Karina, and I'm super excited about being a WTP Tutor this summer! I am a junior here at MIT, and I can't imagine another school in the world where I'd be happier. I love all the opportunities MIT has given me, from being a mechanical engineer-in-training to playing on the tennis team and singing in the gospel choir. It's just an awesome place, and I can't wait to share it with you! Feel free to send me a note anytime at! See you soon!

Caitlin Reyda - I am a freshman thinking about majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and I attended WTP-ME in 2006. I had an amazing time, and I guarantee that you will, too! I attended several summer programs throughout high school, but WTP was the most "influential" in my decision to pursue MechE. I'm from San Jose, California, and I enjoy swimming, photography, going to the beach, exploring Boston for food, hanging out with friends, and cooking (mostly baking). Expect many homemade cookies while you are here. I look forward to meeting you all!
Sadie Scheffer - I'm Sadie and I'm a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy blowing glass and Rube Goldberg machines and belly dancing. I am currently working on an ice cream machine that attaches to a bicycle for my Toy Product Design class. I'm from Coney Island, which is not actually an island, and I'm really excited to show everyone a little bit of Boston when they get here!

Residential Assistant

Veronica Wilson - I attended the inaugural summer of WTP-ME two years ago (2006) and it was one of my most memorable high school experiences. I'm currently a freshman with a prospective major in Chemical Engineering. I was born in South Florida and lived there all my life. I'm President of MIT's Filipino Student Association and plan a lot of cool events for the MIT community. When I have free time, I'm into a lot of artsy things so I like to do anything and everything art-related. I also like to go to the movies, go to the beach (in Florida), try new restaurants in Boston, and explore Boston in general. I'm really looking foward to meeting all of you this summer!

WTP Associate Director & WTP-ME Track Coordinator

Dr. Barbara Hughey joined the Mechanical Engineering Department in 2002 as Lab Manager for the junior-level Measurement and Instrumentation Course. She is a graduate of Princeton University (BSE 1981 in Engineering Physics) and MIT (PhD 1989 in Physics). After receiving her Ph.D she worked in the Boston area developing accelerator-based instruments, primarily for medical applications. Most recently, she was involved with the development at the BEAMS Lab at MIT of an instrument for sensitive detection of carbon-14 applicable to drug development. She is a dedicated violinist, having served as concertmaster of both the Princeton and MIT Orchestras, as well as having been an active participant in the MIT Chamber Music Society with her husband, a pianist. She is a member of the Council for the Arts at MIT and currently performs with the Lexington Symphony. She has two children who are in grades 11 and 9. When she has free time, she enjoys gardening, reading science fiction, roller blading, and bird watching.