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Anjuli Appapillai is currently pursuing her PhD in mechanical engineering at MIT.  She completed her Master's at MIT in 2006, which focused on the electrochemistry and microstructure of improved electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries.  Her research interests stem from a desire to develop renewable and clean energy technologies and improve energy storage.  Before coming to MIT, Anjuli earned her Bachelor's in mechanical and materials science engineering at UC Berkeley in 2004. Outside of the lab, Anjuli enjoys playing sports, including ice hockey, squash, and running, as well as artsy crafts, such as crocheting, sewing, and paper crafts.
Amy Banzaert is pursuing a PhD in mechanical engineering at MIT, where she also received her Bachelor and Masters degrees in the same field.  Her research focuses on design engineering and engineering education, with her Master's thesis covering two areas: 1. developing an alternative type of charcoal made from agricultural waste to be  used as cooking fuel in regions where deforestation is severe and 2. investigating how engineering students can benefit from using a service learning approach to teaching.  Prior to attending graduate school, Amy spent three years as a design and manufacturing engineer at Texas Instruments in their automotive sensors and controls division, and then worked as MIT's Service Learning Coordinator.  In addition to her research, Amy enjoys outdoor activities ranging from hiking to swimming to kayaking as well as remodeling her house.
Lynette Cheah came to MIT in 2005, and is also currently pursuing a PhD in mechanical engineering. She's interested in ways to curb energy use in the transportation sector, and her research examines the energy and environmental impact of vehicle weight reduction. Lynette's background is in environmental engineering, having earned a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern University. She also obtained a Master's degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford. For fun, Lynette likes to play badminton, float on a boat, and go camping.

Residential Tutors

Jennifer Doyle
I was in WTP in 2004, and it was amazing; I was a Residential Assistant last summer, and I'm really happy to be back as a Tutor! I'm majoring in MechE, but I'm hoping to have time to learn some more EECS, too. For a long time, I was planning to be an artist, so I'm into artsy things -- making greeting cards, drawing, knitting, etc. That's why I picked MechE; building things seems crafty and creative to me. Besides academics, I run cross-country and track, and I also play flute and piccolo. In my free time (or when I'm procrastinating) I fold origami cranes (lots of them). I also enjoy sleeping, eating, wasting time on the computer, and getting along/fighting with my twin brother. Eating pie and memorizing digits of pi also top my list of fun activities to do, though I don't necessarily do both at once!

Andi Greb
I'm a junior in Mechanical Engineering, and I'm thrilled to be a residential tutor for WTP 2007.  I was in WTP summer 2003, and was a Residential Assistant in 2005.  Both times, I had an awesome time and met a ton of cool people.  The motor building workshop at WTP was actually the reason I'm in Mech E now.  This year I participated in the Cambridge-MIT exchange, and spent the year studying at Cambridge University in England.  In addition to experiencing a whole different style of engineering classes, I got to the chance to travel, and met so many amazing new people!  When I'm not in class, I participate in lots of extracurricular activities - at Cambridge, I rowed and played field hockey and lacrosse for my college.  In my spare time, I like to read, bake, knit, dance, do yoga, and hang out with my friends.

Terianne Hall
Hi, my name is Teri. I am a senior studying mechanical engineering and architecture. I am going to graduate next fall and hope to continue my education in the field of building technology and sustainable design. I was born on Long Island and have liverd there all of my life. When I have free time, I like to go to concerts, draw, paint, run, and explore Boston with my friends. I'm really looking forward to this summer so that I can work with all of you.

Alisha Schor
I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad, graduating this June (2007). I was a student in the pilot WTP-EECS program in the summer of 2002, and a residential assistant to WTP-EECS in the summer of 2004. I'm a co-captain to the MIT varsity track and cross country teams, and enjoy, in addition to running, all things active, especially snowboarding. Arts and crafts are also fun, as well as graphic design (and websites!). I also happen to believe that mechanical engineering is great and building things is fun to do!

Christine Winiarz
My name is Christi Winiarz! I am a Mechanical Engineering major, class of 2007. Next year I will be going to grad school to get my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Caltech. I was born in New Mexico, lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I am most recently from San Diego. I love to play water polo, volleyball, sleep and watch TV. I am really excited for WTP, we are going to have an amazing summer!

Residential Assistant

Katherine Wong
I attended WTP two summers ago (2005), and it was one of the best experiences that I can remember from High School.   That is actually where I attained my copy of Godel Escher Bach (it "en lightened me").  I am currently a freshman with a prospective major in either Mechanical Engineering, or EECS--mostly because I have very wide and diverse interests.  On what spare time MIT allows me, I enjoy cooking, knitting, glass-blowing, exploring restaurants in Boston, eating (although work doesn't stop me from doing that all the time...), sleeping, listening to music, and contemplating what I should do with my life.  Feel free to join me, talk to me, and show me new things. I love new things.
Graduate Residential Tutor (GRT)
Dawn Wendell is a second-year PhD student in mechanical engineering. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Dawn was instrumental in developing the curriculum and teaching the WTP-ME inaugural summer of 2006. This year she is looking forward to meeting all 60 WTP students in her role as GRT in the dorm. For hobbies, Dawn builds robots and does craft projects (most recently, knitting).

WTP Associate Director & WTP-ME Track Coordinator

Dr. Barbara Hughey joined the Mechanical Engineering Department in 2002 as Lab Manager for the junior-level Measurement and Instrumentation Course. She is a graduate of Princeton University (BSE 1981 in Engineering Physics) and MIT (PhD 1989 in Physics). After receiving her Ph.D she worked in the Boston area developing accelerator-based instruments, primarily for medical applications. Most recently, she was involved with the development at the BEAMS Lab at MIT of an instrument for sensitive detection of carbon-14 applicable to drug development. She is a dedicated violinist, having served as concertmaster of both the Princeton and MIT Orchestras, as well as having been an active participant in the MIT Chamber Music Society with her husband, a pianist. She is a member of the Council for the Arts at MIT and currently performs with the Lexington Symphony. She has two children who are in grades 10 and 8. When she has free time, she enjoys gardening, reading science fiction, roller blading, and bird watching.