CE Inter-University Projects

There are 3 ongoing CE IUP Projects which were started in July 2005:

Assoc Prof Too Heng-Phon in discussion with students from the CPE programme
CE IUP : Modelling and simulation of two red blood cells flowing inside a capillary

IUP Title: Effective Computation: Reduced Order Models and Uncertainty Management in Numerical Simulations

Principal Co-Investigators: Prof Liu Gui-Rong (NUS), Prof Jaime Peraire (MIT)

Collaborating Research Institutes or Companies: Sunstar Engineering

IUP Title: Advanced Optimisation Methods: Theory and Computation for Band-Gap Optimisation and other Emerging Applications

Principal Co-Investigators: Prof Toh Kim Chuan (NUS), Prof Robert M Freund (MIT), Prof Pablo A Parrilo (MIT)

IUP Title: Robust Optimisation: A Tractable Approach to Address Optimisation and Equilibrium Problems Under Uncertainty

Principal Co-Investigators: Assoc Prof Melvyn Sim (NUS), Assoc Prof Ong Chong-Jin (NUS), Prof Sun Jie (NUS), Prof Teo Chung Piaw (NUS), Dr Karthik Natarajan (NUS), Prof Dimitris J Bertsimas (MIT), Prof Georgia Perakis (MIT), Assoc Prof R Levi (MIT)