CPE Inter-University Projects

There are 3 ongoing CPE IUP Projects which were started in July 2006:

IUP Title: Mechanistic Understanding of Crystallisation of Model Compounds for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Principal Co-Investigators: Prof Raj Rajagopalan (NUS), Prof Bernhardt L Trout (MIT)

Collaborating Research Institutes or Companies: A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing

IUP Title: High Throughput Screening in Pharmaceuticals Production

Principal Co-Investigators: Dr Saif A Khan (NUS), Prof Daniel I C Wang (MIT)

Collaborating Research Institutes or Companies: Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)

IUP Title: Mechanism Elucidation and Application of Global Transcriptional Machinery Engineering (gTME) to the Modulation of the Isoprenoid Pathway for Biosynthesis of Pharmaceuticals

Principal Co-Investigators: Assoc Prof Too Heng-Phon (NUS), Prof Gregory N Stephanopoulos (MIT)