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News and Events


arrow Proton Structure Comes to Light (OLYMPUS)


arrow March 6, 2017 Executive Order - International Scholars


arrow Janet Conrad's Neutrino Case Study in “The Future Postponed 2.0”


arrow Kerstin Perez was named as a Sloan Fellow


arrow February 9th Ruling - International Scholars


arrow Important News for our International Scholars


arrow 2017 Infinite Kilometer Winners


arrow Phiala Shanahan on Forbes Lists 30 Under 30 - Science (2017).


arrow A Syllabus in Cosmic Rays


arrow Jonathan Ouellet received the 2017 APS DNP Thesis Prize


arrow KATRIN First Light (J. Formaggio)


arrow Will Detmold has been elected as an APS Fellow


arrow Tracy Slatyer receives Henry Primakoff Award for Early-Career Particle Physics from the APS


arrow Nobelist Frank Wilczek to Receive 2016 Prange Prize


arrow Lindley Winslow - Woman Physicist of September 2016 (APS)


arrow In Memoriam: Prof. Kerson Huang


arrow The $100 Muon Detector by: Spencer Axani


arrow Neutrino Search Finds No Evidence of "Hidden" Particle


arrow Jesse Thaler wins Harold E. Edgerton Award


arrow 2016 Infinite Mile & Infinite Kilometer Winners


arrow MIT Central Machine Shop News Article


arrow Yen-Jie Lee Wins a Sloan Fellowship


 Pappalardo Fellow Or Hen wins Israel Physical Society graduate research prize


 2015 Infinite Kilimoter Award Winners


 In Memoriam - George Sechen


 Physics World has highlighted a few MIT efforts for the top ten breakthroughs of the year, including Project 8


 Charles Epsteins Wins Poster Prize at 2015 EINN Conference


 Marjon Moulais Wins Best Technology Poster, "Fast Neutron Detection     with MITPC” at DPF2015, August 7, 2015


 3Q: The massive impact of neutrino research


 Frederick John Eppling, Physicist, dies at 95