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Employment Process

Several weeks before your start date, employment paperwork will be sent to you via email by Elsye Luc. The paperwork must be completed and returned as soon as possible so your appointment can be processed prior to your arrival. If you are coming from abroad, employment paperwork will be given to you when you arrive at MIT.

The paperwork will be submitted to the Dean’s Office for approval then forwarded to the HR Payroll Service Center for processing. Once your appointment is processed, you will receive a Welcome email from MIT Humans Resources with your MIT ID number, position details, how to obtain MIT credentials, complete new hire activities and I-9. The time frame from when your paperwork is submitted to getting your Welcome Letter is approximately 5 to 7 business days.

After you have received your welcome letter, you may get an MIT ID card at the Atlas Service Center, which is located in Bldg. E17 First Floor. ID Cards may be used for the MIT libraries, MIT Athena, MIT Parking, access to some buildings and for MIT food service. For further information call 617-253-3475.

Employment Eligibility (I-9 & E-Verify)

In accordance with the Department of Homeland Security, all employees paid by MIT are required to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States on or before your first day of work. Employment verification is done at the Atlas Service Center, on the first floor of Building E17. For more information on the I-9 process, go to The I-9 Process at MIT.

Information for International Employees

MIT uses the specialty software GLACIER to help us navigate complex payroll tax rules for international students and scholars, and specifically to determine their tax statuses and eligibility for tax treaties at the beginning of, and throughout, their stay at MIT.

If you are a foreign national who is categorized as a non-resident alien, it is very important that you set up an account in GLACIER right away, so that your payroll record is set up correctly. Depending on the type of visa held, your tax status can change from year to year, so it is equally important that you update information in GLACIER at least once a year after prompted by MIT Payroll’s e-mail reminders. Please note that if you do not update your information, the Payroll team will update it, and most likely you will be defaulted to resident alien for tax purposes, which would mean paying US taxes (that in some cases could be avoided if you update your record in a timely fashion).

All related emails are sent by Marsha Dailey (MIT Payroll Office), through GLACIER ( The introductory email will have the following Subject line: “Payments from Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, and it will include instructions on how to set up an account in GLACIER. Other example subject titles include: Missing Social Security Number, Residency Status Change Date and FICA Start Date, Immigration Status Expiration (sent throughout the year), and Tax File Status and Tax Treaty Renewal (sent November-December, for the following year).

In the past many of our international associates thought that emails sent from GLACIER ( were “spam”. Emails from ( are legitimate emails.

The VPF HR/Payroll foreign national tax specialist holds office hours at the Atlas Service Center in E17-106 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am through 4:30 pm to help international students, faculty, researchers, and staff determine their U.S. tax status.

To book an appointment with a tax specialist, log in to Atlas—MIT’s self-service and administrative systems hub—to book these appointments online. See the Atlas Full Catalog menu on the left. Choose Atlas Service Center In-person Services, then Tax Treaty Guidance. Please note that the Payroll team cannot give out tax advice and individuals are strongly encouraged to consult a tax accountant who specializes in non-resident alien tax issues.

If you do not receive an email from GLACIER within two weeks of your arrival here at MIT please email

New Employee Orientation & Onboarding

Things to Remember

Benefits enrollment must be done within 31 days of your start date. When enrolling a spouse or dependent(s) in health or dental plan coverage, you must provide appropriate documentation (e.g., a marriage license or birth certificate) to the Benefits Office. Please contact the Benefits Office with questions.

You can enroll for benefits, see paystubs, etc. on the Atlas Employee Self-Service Portal. You will need to have certificates on your computer when accessing personal data and benefits. For information and instructions on Certificates, please visit the Information and Technology (IS&T) site on Certificates.

Change of Status

Update any change in your personal information: marital status, citizenship, home or telephone number, MIT address, MIT extension, email, and other related information through Atlas under “About Me” tab. Please also update this information with Elsye Luc.


Please provide a letter to your immediate supervisor. Please also notify Caitlin Sulham or Elsye Luc with pertinent information regarding termination date and forwarding address.

To be admitted to the U.S. as an employee of MIT, a foreign national must apply for one of the following types of visas:
J-1 Exchange Visitor
H-1B Temporary worker in a specialty occupation
B-1 Visitor for Business

(A person may come to the U.S. for up to six weeks. The individual may not be paid a salary, but can receive a per diem, reimbursement for travel expenses, or an honorarium.)

Visiting Student Procedures

The Laboratory will also support an application for Permanent Residence for individuals who qualify and will work closely with the MIT International Scholars Office (ISchO) on visa problems. For more information on visas, contact Elsye Luc (617) 452-2556, 26-505.

Keys Policy

LNS personnel may obtain keys for offices by completing an MIT Key Request Form online through Atlas. You will need to have Certificates on your computer in order to proceed. Step-by-Step Instructions.

Please be advised that:

  • Keys must be returned to LNS Headquarters upon termination or transfer.
  • Administrative support staff may not request keys under alternative names and redistribute keys to the actual key holder.
  • Multiple keys to the same door will not be issued to an individual.


All phone requests must be made by contacting Caitlin Sulham at (617) 253-9285 or

Scheduling Kolker and Conference Room

Lourie Room Card Access Authorization

The Lourie Family Common Room, 26-502 is available for use by all LNS personnel. This room cannot be reserved. You can see Elsye in Headquarters to get access using your MIT ID Card.

Please contact Elsye Luc if there is information on the website that needs to be changed, updated or added.

Vacation time taken should be reported in a timely manner. Please check with your PI on the reporting process for your group (e.g., weekly, monthly, as taken, etc.). Reference the HR web site for vacation accrual and usage.