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LNS Parking Coordinator - Elsye Luc


2016-2017 Parking Rates

Big changes to parking renewal this year with the launch of Access MIT, which features new programs of commuting benefits to faculty and staff. These programs will provide commuters with the flexibility to choose, day-to-day parking and encourage you to utilize a variety of transportation options over the course of a given week.

Below are some highlighted features:

  • Free, unrestricted MBTA subway and local bus access for benefits-eligible Cambridge campus MIT faculty and staff with chips embedded in new MIT ID cards.
    • A date and meeting place will be setup by the Parking Office for personnel to get their new MIT ID with chips. I will notify you once I receive word.
  • Give commuters the freedom to make a choice each day between driving and other modes.
  • Pay-per-day parking plans at gated lots, with expense capped at $1,760.
  • 60% Commutter Rail subsidy.
  • Subsidized parking of 50% at MBTA stations or affiliated lots. Up to $100 per month. You must submit your receipts once a month and you will be reimbursed.

Parkers at the following gated lots (North Area, Northeast Area-Stata, West Garage, Economy Area) will be Pay-per-day parkers, receive an Occasional/Evening Permit and will be charged as follows:

Pay-per-day Parking fees:

  • $100 Occasional/Evening Permit Sticker fee (taken as a lump sum for monthly payroll personnel).
  • $66 for Additional Sticker (also taken as a lump sum for montly payroll personnel).
  • $10 daily fee; $5 Economy daily fee.
  • Annual cap at $1,760.

The permit fee for Occasional/Evening Permit First Time parkers is $200.

Carpool Carpoolers will not be charged as Pay-per-day. The annual fee for carpool is $880. The carpool rate will be split equally among the carpool members.

Parking Renewal Period
AIMS Permit renewals and change requests begin June 14, 2016 and ends July 19, 2016. If you DO NOT process your parking application on time, you will loose your parking area and my have to be put on a waiting list for parking.

You may renew your parking application online at (https://atlas.mit.edu/atlas/Main.action?tab=aboutMe), click on Commuting Benefits, then MIT Parking Permits, login and proceed.