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LNS Parking Coordinator - Elsye Luc


2015-2016 Parking Rates

  • Regular Commuter $1,600.00
  • Carpool Commuter $800.00
  • Regular Commuter (Economy Parking)* $859
  • Non-Employee Commuter $1,915.00
  • Occasional/Evening Sticker $89
  • Occasional Day Rate $8.50
  • Occasional Day Rate (Economy Parking)* $3.00
  • Visitor Parking $24
  • Additional Sticker $60.00

* Economy Regular parking and Economy Occasional parking are discounted parking programs offered to employees who elect to park in the West lot.

Parking Renewal

This year, the Parking Office has rolled out a new parking application system, which can be accessed through Atlas by going here. The old system has been retired and marks the end of the Parking Allocation process.

Beginning today and ending August 21st, the parking application system will be open for parking renewals only. This time period will give people who already have a parking permit the opportunity to submit their application first, keep their current parking area and receive a permit by September 15. If you process your application after the deadline of August 21st, your current parking area will not be available to you and you may have to be put on a waiting list.

Employees who have never had parking may apply for new parking after August 21st.

Instructions on how to process your application.

Please note: with this new parking system, if you process your application late and the system does not have a new parking permit in time for you by September 15th, your MIT ID card will not let you in the parking garage. I strongly encourage you to submit your application before the deadline.

Carpool Application

Carpool applications will be processed online beginning August 24th (date may change). Every person in the carpool will need to submit an application. The carpool rate will be split equally among the carpool members. This is mandatory. Carpool permit expiration date and MIT ID access to parking area will be extended for carpoolers if the new Carpool Permits are not ready by September 15th.

Submitting Parking application for you

If you prefer that I submit the application for you, please let me know as soon as possible if any of your information has changed. With this new system, you may pay by check, credit card or payroll deductions. If you pay by check or credit card, the system can only process the full amount of the parking rate.