General Services


The General Services group was established at the Laboratory in 1946 to provide vital services necessary for the operation of the research and administration groups within the Laboratory. The General Services group reconfigures laboratory spaces, assembles and moves labs and office furniture, as well as assist with experimental equipment that is being shipped to off-campus sites.

During conferences, seminars and meetings, the General Services group provides transportation and assists with logistics. On a daily basis the group makes pickups and deliveries on campus and at local vendors. The group also provides a shuttle service to the Bates Linear Accelerator Center in Middleton, MA roughly twice a week, and more frequently on request. (The Bates facility is located twenty-five miles north of campus). This group is also responsible for the maintenance and assignment of 6 lab vehicles (provided by MIT) and one forklift.

The General Services Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the group, prepares and coordinates all of the Laboratory's space changes, and is responsible for maintaining records on 185,338 square feet of laboratory space. The manager acts both as the Laboratory safety coordinator and interacts with Laboratory safety officers and safety officials from MIT and OSHA.

Reserve Vehicles

LNS personnel requiring a vehicle must make a reservation by contacting the General Services Office at 253-4125.

LNS complies with the MIT Vehicle Use Policy.

Smoking is prohibited in all LNS vehicles. The cooperation of all LNS vehicle users is expected. Violators of this policy will be banned from using all LNS vehicles.