Information About J-1 Visa


Who can we sponsor on the J-1

  • A foreign national is eligible for MIT's J-1 sponsorship if he or she will be:
    • holding a temporary MIT position (non-tenure track)
    • on an academic appointment
    • appointed with the appropriate title (common examples: Visiting Scientist, Visiting Engineer, Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoctoral Associate, or higher)
    • meet funding minimum and health insurance requirements.
  • Individuals enrolled in degree programs abroad are technically students and are not eligible for sponsorship through the International Scholars Office (ISchO). MIT does not provide visa sponsorship for library, technical, administrative, or computer positions.

Please note that if a scholar is already inside the United States, a J-1 visa may or may not be the best option for the scholar. In addition, after advising, it may take a number of months in order for the scholar to change immigration status from within the United States.

J-1 Short Term Scholar

  • Maximum time allowed is 6 months
  • No extension permitted

Processing J-1

J-1 Processing Time

  • It takes 30 days from when ISchO receives all required information to generate the DS-2019 document.
  • Form DS-2019 will not be issued with a start date less than 60 days from the date all required information is received by ISchO.
  • Please allow for sufficient time to process J-1 visas (at least 75 to 90 days prior to start date).
  • Please note, due to new security system in place some scholars may encounter significant delays from security clearance check abroad.