Guidelines & Rules for Kolker Room Use



The Kolker Room is only reserved for the LNS Community. You may submit your request on-line using the form or call LNS HQ at 3-2395. Keys for the Kolker Room are available in 26-505. The keys have to be returned immediately after your meeting. Be sure to lock the doors as you leave. If your meeting will be over after 5:00 p.m., please make arrangement for keys to be returned by 8:00 a.m. the next business day. When you schedule the Kolker Room for your meeting, please be sure to indicate on the form if you will be using the videoconferencing equipment. If you are NOT a regular user of the equipment, LNS HQ personnel will be available to setup for you. Plan your meeting time accordingly and allow no less than a half-an-hour for setup time.

Please be sure to cancel your reservation if the room is no longer needed.

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For Food Events

Please allow enough time before your meeting for food delivery and after your meeting for cleanup so that other meetings scheduled after your meeting do not get affected.

Seating Capacity

at tables: 36; Seated total: 60

The standard setup for the Kolker Room is Lecture Style. If you re-arrange the Lecture Style setup for your meeting, you MUST put the room back to its Lecture Style setup after your meeting.

There are additional chairs and some six-foot tables in the closet, if needed. Please remember to put everything back in the closet if you use any.

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Clean-up and Room arrangement

Complete clean-up is a requirement for any/all users. The room must be put back to its Lecture Style setup.



If you are using the videoconferencing equipment and you changed a setting or configuration, you MUST put it back to the original configuration. If you are unsure of how to use the equipment, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call LNS HQ for help at 3-2395 or 2-2556. Please plan ahead and allow enough time to setup for your meeting if you are using videoconferencing. Lock video equipment cabinet after use. You MUST TURN OFF all equipment that is used for your meeting. If this is not done and something happens to the equipment, your group will be responsible for replacement.

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Meetings with Food
  • All trash must be bagged (double-bagged if wet), bags tied securely and left outside in the hallway.
  • All table surfaces must be cleaned off using wet paper towel/cleaner.
  • If the carpet becomes soiled with food, please use the vacuum in the closet to clean the carpet or put a cleaning order through Atlas at under Menu choose Service Request - Cleaning Request. There is no charge for this.
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