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Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling a Move
Costs and Hours of Operation
Services Offered
Boxes and Storage
Event Set-up

Scheduling a Move

I have a move to plan. Where do I start?

Your first step is to submit a work order by going to Service Requests in Atlas. Click on Create Request, then Moving. Once the work request has been submitted, a representative will be in contact to consult with you about the scope of the move, and will schedule an appropriate time and date. Dates are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  At any point during your moving process you can email MIT Moving Services with questions or concerns.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a move or set-up?

To help us better serve you we ask for at least three (3 to 5) business days notice before any move. If there are particular scheduling needs, please provide that information in your SAP requests, we will do our best to accommodate you.

How do I get a very large item moved?

All Moving Team members are fully licensed through the State of Massachusetts (1B/2C license). Our services include moving any item less than 5000 lbs. that does not need to be disassembled. We do not offer rigging services (items over 5000 lbs. or that need to be disassembled). MIT Movers can help determine whether or nsot you need rigging services, and will aid in contracting if rigging services are needed. Contact MIT Movers for more information.

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Costs and Hours of Operation

How much does moving cost?

The standard rate for a two-person MIT Moving Team is an approximate cost. Please contact the Grounds office for this rate. Charges to you are based on actual time spent on the job, prorated to the half hour. Moving services needed outside of our normal hours of operation are considered overtime. The overtime rate is approximated and quoted during the time of your request. Please note that all costs are prorated to the half hour. Hourly rates include equipment and vehicles.

What are the MIT Moving Teams' hours of operation?

Regular Moving Team hours are 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Moves occurring outside those hours are considered overtime.

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Services Offered

Do MIT Moving Teams make deliveries?

Our Moving Teams offer delivery services for any job of two boxes or more. We also offer secure delivery of items to MIT Archives. For deliveries of over 50 boxes, we ask for at least five working days notice before the delivery. Simply submit a work request through Atlas for service.

For smaller items or single boxes, contact Mail Services.

Will the MIT Moving Teams recycle furniture and equipment?

Our Moving Teams can judge how old or unwanted furniture and equipment will be disposed of. In many cases, furniture and equipment in excellent condition may be reused by the MIT community. If the furniture or equipment you are disposing of is in excellent condition, please make arrangements with the MIT Student Furniture Exchange (FX) at WW15 to arrange a drop-off. Moving Teams can supply transport for the furniture or equipment to WW15 to be placed in the Furniture Exchange. If furniture or equipment is unusable, it will be recycled. In rare cases, some furniture or equipment may be disposed of as trash. In all cases, please submit a work order through Atlas for removal.

Can the Moving Teams uncrate items?

Our Moving Teams offer expert uncrating services. No matter how large, our Teams will not only safely remove the crating but will recycle all wood and metal from the job. To request uncrating services, simply submit a work request through Atlas.

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Boxes and Storage

Does Moving Services have boxes?

Moving Services can supply moving and storage boxes. The box dimensions are standard 24” x 13” x 11” . To obtain boxes, simply submit a work order using the Campus tab in Atlas with how many boxes are needed and when the boxes will be needed. Moving Services staff will deliver boxes.

Does Moving Services offer storage?

No, MIT Moving Services does not offer storage space. Arrangements must be made to obtain storage space with the Property Office or contact an outside local storage facility. Moving Team members can provide moving services to and from any storage facility, however. Simply submit a work request through SAP (select “internal provider”) and a representative will contact you to schedule services.

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Event Set-up

Can Moving Services help me set up tables and chairs for an event?

MIT Moving Services has a limited number of tables and chairs to rent. Our MIT Moving Team members can perform set-up and reset services for any event outside of the Main Group. We provide furniture rearrangement, table and chair set-ups, and materials transport. For large events, we ask for at least five working days notice before the event date. Simply submit a work request through Atlas and a representative will contact you regarding layouts and timing.

Custodial Services provides Main Group set-ups and resets. Moving Services can provide materials delivery for you.

Does Moving Services provide tables and chairs?

MIT Moving Services has a limited number of tables and chairs that are available on a first come, first served basis.



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