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Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT

The Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering provides educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in advancing the frontiers of nuclear science and engineering and in developing applications of nuclear technology for the benefit of society and the environment. We prepare our students to make contributions to the scientific fundamentals of our field; to the development and engineering of nuclear systems for energy generation, security, health care, and other applications; and to the integration of nuclear systems into society and the natural environment.

Richard Lester

New NSE strategy strengthens core, opens boundaries; seeks better integration of technical and societal issues

Nuclear technology is inextricably bound up with great issues — energy, international security, climate change, and the environment, to name a few. MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering department, as part of a broad re-orientation, has put in place a new strategic plan that will extend its groundbreaking work in nuclear science and the engineering of nuclear systems, while also explicitly tying the department’s education and research to the interactions of nuclear technology with society. more

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