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As one of the world's leading academic departments in nuclear science and engineering, our mission is to help develop the next generation of technical leaders of the global nuclear enterprise and to provide technical leadership in energy and non-energy applications of nuclear technology.

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Undergraduate students acquire a strong foundation in science-based engineering, and develop the skills and knowledge for a broad range of careers, from practical engineering work in the energy industries to graduate research and education, entrepreneurship, law, medicine, and business. more

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Graduate students gain a broad education that prepares them for a range of careers in industry, research, and the academic world. Our programs attract science and engineering students with a diverse range of undergraduate degrees including physics, chemistry, mathematics, materials science, and chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Only about half of the graduate students in our department have majored in nuclear engineering as undergraduates. more

NSE SUBJECT for Spring 2016

22.S902 A course on special topics in neutron transport theory:
Monoenergetic 1D analytical/numerical solutions

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30AM – 11:00AM, 24-121

Acquaints students with various forms of the 1D monoenergetic neutron transport equation, their origin and analytical solution. Students will derive the various forms, construct analytical solution representations and apply a variety of numerical methods to deliver high quality numerical benchmarks. Solutions and numerical evaluations will be found for infinite media with and without time-dependence, half-spaces and slabs. Weekly assignments include derivations of solutions and their computational implementation. (PDF for details)

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