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Research Staff

John A. Bernard, Jr.
(Principal Research Engineer)
NW12-208A 617-253-4202 bernardj@mit.edu
Peter Catto
(Senior Research Scientist)
NW16-250 617-253-5825 catto@psfc.mit.edu
Charles W. Forsberg
(Senior Research Scientist)
24-207 617-324-4010 cforsber@mit.edu
Alan Hanson
(Executive Director, International
Nuclear Leadership Program )
24-212A 617-452-2505 ashanson@mit.edu
Andrew C. Kadak
(Former Professor of the Practice)
Akihiro Kushima
(Research Scientist)
NW14-2213   kushima@mit.edu
Richard C. Lanza
(Senior Research Scientist)
NW14-2222 617-253-2399 lanza@mit.edu
Dario Marrocchelli
(Research Scientist)
NW13-221 617-324-2713 dmarrocc@mit.edu
Thomas J. McKrell
(Research Scientist)
NW13-239 617-253-5368 tmckrell@mit.edu
Joseph V. Minervini
(Senior Research Scientist)
NW22-129 617-253-5503 minervini@psfc.mit.edu
Edward E. Pilat
(Research Scientist)
24-304 617-253-7404 pilat@mit.edu
Xiaofeng Qian
(Research Scientist)
NW14-2311 617-253-5618 qianxf@mit.edu
Elisabeth Reynolds
(Executive Director, IPC)
E38-106 617-452-2054 lbr@mit.edu
Koroush Shirvan
(Research Scientist)
24-212a 617-452-3017 kshirvan@mit.edu
Peter Stahle
(Research Engineer)
NW22-113 617-252-1012 pwstahle@mit.edu

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