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2018 Awards

Alex Creely receives Itoh Project Prize

Doctoral study could speed fusion research by shortening simulation time

2018 NSE + ANS Annual Awards

The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the student chapter of the American Nuclear Society hosted their anual awards dinner on May 14, 2018.

Three NSE profs recognized for exceptional mentorship

NSE’s Emilio Baglietto, Paola Cappellaro, and Ju Li are in the third slate of dedicated professors to receive MIT’s Committed to Caring Award.

2016 + 2017 Del Favero Thesis Prize

Jon Walsh (2016 winner) and Ashok Ajoy (2017 winner) were awarded The Del Favero Thesis Prize.

NSE alum Luisa Kenausis awarded a Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

Luisa Kenausis is working with Alexandra Bell (Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation) on U.S. nuclear weapons policy, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, nuclear issues in North Korea and Iran, and the U.S. defense budget. Her tasks include responding rapidly to significant developments in these areas, conducting longer-term research on these issues, and exploring the potential role of education (both public and higher education) in the future of nuclear disarmament.

NSE’s Kommajosyula and Baglietto win best poster award at International Conference on Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer

The work presented by Ravikishore Kommajosyula and Emilio Baglietto on “A cavity-size-independent model for bubble departure frequency based on thermal boundary layer energy limit” was given the best poster award in the 10th International Conference on Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer, held during 11–15 March 2018 in Nagasaki. There were 3 Poster sessions including a total of over 120 posters, out of which 4 posters from each session were awarded the Best Poster award.

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