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2014 NSE Graduate Research Expo
March 14, 2014

On March 14, the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering hosted its annual Graduate Research Expo. The event featured research posters presented by current doctoral and masters students as well as signature oral presentations given by an outstanding student chosen from each of the three main areas of research within the department. Each year this event provides a unique opportunity for the MIT comminity to learn more about the diverse research being conducted within NSE by faculty and graduate students.

The 2014 featured presentations were given by:

Ethan Bates (Fission) Naught in a million years —
A safe and modular option for nuclear waste isolation in deep boreholes.

Christian Haakonsen (Fusion) Can Loki be trusted?
Sagas of luring secrets from plasmas with a big computer.

Mareena Robinson (RST/nuclear security/materials)
Radiation Detection Based Verification Technology for Warhead
Confirmation in Future Warhead Dismantlement Agreements

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Poster presentations by

William Boyd, MS
Wei-Shan Chiang, PhD
Alexandre Cooper-Roy, PhD
Nathan Gibson, PhD
Geoffrey Gunow, MS
John Hanson, PhD
Masashi Hirose, PhD
Nicholas Horelik, PhD
Peisi Le, MS
Lulu Li, PhD
Enrique Lizarraga-Garcia, PhD
Joshua Richard, PhD
Andrew Richenderfer, MS
Jude Safo, MS
Samuel Shaner, PhD
Guanyu Su, MS
Rosemary Sugrue, PhD
Melanie Teatreault-Friend, MS
Zhe Wang, PhD

Oral presentations by

Ethan Bates, PhD (Fission)
Christian Haakonsen, PhD (Fusion)
Mareena Robinson, PhD (RST/nuclear security/materials)

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