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2016 NSE Graduate Research Expo

On March 11, the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering hosted its annual Graduate Research Expo. The event featured research posters presented by current doctoral and masters students as well as signature oral presentations given by an outstanding student chosen from each of the three main areas of research within the department. Each year this event provides a unique opportunity for the MIT community to learn more about the diverse research being conducted within NSE by faculty and graduate students.

Featuring presentations by

Alexandre Guion: “New understanding in microscale boiling phenomena: moving contact lines and microlayer formation”
Watch video of talk

Brandon Sorbom: “I feel the need...the need for speed: Using particle accelerators to achieve faster fusion materials research”
Watch video of talk

Lixin Sun: “Dig deep into microstructure: a computational perspective on extended defects in reducible oxide materials”
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Poster presentations by

William Boyd
Etienne Demarly
Cody Dennett
Ittinop Dumnernchanvanit
Sara Ferry
Carl Haugen
Miaomiao Jin
Colin Josey
Leigh Kesler
Peisi Le
YiXiang Liu
Michael Pantano
Jill Marie Rahon
Andrew Richenderfer
Becky Romatoski
Samuel Shaner
Akira Sone
Cong Su
Yanin Sukjai
Jayson Vavrek
Lun Yu
Chuteng Zhou

Oral presentations by

Alexandre Guion (Fission)
Brandon Sorbom (Fusion)
Lixin Sun (RST/nuclear security/materials)

All students who presented in the 2015 NSE Research Expo are PhD candidates in NSE.

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