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Jacob Jurewicz ’14

Jacob Jurewicz ’14

Q :: What motivated you to apply to participate in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program?

A :: I have always aspired to be a leader in the professional engineering world and the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership program focuses on developing the skills and characteristics that make not only great leaders but great team members as well.

Q :: What have you learnt by participating in the program about engineering leadership? Why do you feel this is important for Course 22 students?

A :: I have learned that there are many different kinds of leaders and different teams and scenarios are best met with different leadership styles. A good leader can recognize and adapt to his or her team. Course 22 is a field that demands strong leadership in a host a widely varying scenarios, such as working with intensely technical groups to design a new reactor system or informing politicians and the public on good nuclear policy.

Q :: How will you apply these skills with your degree in Course 22?

A :: The nuclear industry has little tolerance for error in leadership, and now more than ever it needs strong, confident engineers to pave the way towards improved policy and the implementation of safer and more efficient technology. With the help of GEL, I hope to be one of those engineers.

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