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Anne White

Anne White

Cecil and Ida Green Associate Professor in Nuclear Engineering

617-253-0627 (fax)


Ph.D. – Physics, University of California, Los Angeles (2008)
M.S. – Physics, University of California, Los Angeles (2004)
B.S. – Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona, Tucson (2003)


22.67 Principles of Plasma Diagnostics
22.012 Seminar in Fusion & Plasma Physics
22.071j/6.071j Electronics, Signals, & Measurement
6.651/8.613/22.611 Intro to Plasma Physics I
8.03 Physics III: Vibrations and Waves (Recitations)


Small fluctuations in tokamak plasmas lead to turbulence, and turbulent eddies can very effectively transport heat from the hot core across confining magnetic field lines out to the cooler plasma edge. Predicting this phenomenon of turbulent-transport is essential for the development of fusion reactors. In order to improve predictive capability by testing and validating models of turbulent-transport, detailed measurements of fluctuations in high-performance, reactor relevant tokamak plasmas are required. Diagnostic techniques that allow for simultaneous measurements of fluctuations in plasma density, temperature, and flows in the core and edge of tokamaks and stellarators are presently being developed. In our group, we develop and use radiometers (electron cyclotron emission systems) for temperature fluctuations in tokamaks, reflectometers and interferometers for density fluctuations, as well as coupled radiometer/reflectometer instruments that allow for simultaneous measurement of temperature and density turbulence. With these new measurement capabilities we will improve our understanding of how turbulence is suppressed and how the turbulent-transport of particles, energy and momentum can be separated from one another. The new data from these measurements allow for stringent tests of turbulent-transport models. Presently, we are interested in determining what kinds of turbulent modes are dominant in different regions of operating space; specifically comparing small scale electron turbulence with larger scale ion turbulence, as part of ‘multi-channel transel validation efforts’. Close collaboration between experiment, theory and simulation is a key aspect of this work.

Honors and Awards

  • Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Professor, MIT, 2014
  • American Physical Society Katherine E. Weimer Award, 2014
  • Fusion Power Associates Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award, 2014
  • Junior Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching, MIT, 2014
  • PAI Outstanding Faculty Award (MIT student chapter of the American Nuclear Society, 2013
  • Norman C. Rasmussen Career Development Professor, MIT, 2012–2014
  • Department of Energy Early Career Award,  2011–2016
  • Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award, 2009
  • US Department of Energy Fusion Energy Postdoctoral Research Program Fellow, 2008–2009
  • UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2007–2008
  • US Department of Energy ORISE Fusion Energy Science (FES) Fellowship, 2004–2007

Professional Societies

  • American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP)
  • American Nuclear Society (ANS)

Selected Publications

  1. M.A. Chilenski, M. Greenwald, Y. Marzouk, N.T. Howard, A.E. White, J.E. Rice and J.R. Walk, Improved profile fitting and quantification of uncertainty in experimental measurements of impurity transport coefficients using Gaussian process regression, Nuclear Fusion 55 023012 (2015)
  2. N. T. Howard, C. Holland, A. E. White, M. Greenwald and J. Candy, Synergistic cross-scale coupling of turbulence in a tokamak plasma, Phys. Plasmas 21, 112510 (2014)
  3. N T Howard, A E White, M Greenwald, C Holland, J Candy and J E Rice, Impurity transport, turbulence transitions and intrinsic rotation in Alcator C-Mod plasmas, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 56 124004 (2014)
  4. A.E. White, M. Barnes, A. Dominguez, M. Greenwald, N.T. Howard, A.E. Hubbard, J.W. Hughes, D.R. Mikkelsen, F.I. Parra, M.L. Reinke, C. Sung, J. Walk and D.G. Whyte, Reduction of core turbulence in I-mode plasmas in Alcator C-Mod, Nuclear Fusion 54 083019 (2014)
  5. N. T. Howard, C. Sung and A. E. White, Measurement of electron temperature fluctuations using a tunable correlation electron cyclotron emission system on Alcator C-Moda), Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85 , 11D811 (2014)
  6. C. Gao, J.E. Rice, H.J. Sun, M.L. Reinke, N.T. Howard, D. Mikkelson, A.E. Hubbard, M.A. Chilenski, J.R. Walk, J.W. Hughes, P.C. Ennever, M. Porkolab, A.E. White, C. Sung, L. Delgado-Aparicio, S.G. Baek, W.L. Rowan, M.W. Brookman, M.J. Greenwald, R.S. Granetz, S.W. Wolfe, E.S. Marmar and The Alcator C-Mod Team, Non-local heat transport in Alcator C-Mod ohmic L-mode plasmas, Nuclear Fusion 54 083025 (2014)
  7. C. P. Kasten, A. E. White, and J. H. Irby, A new fast two-color interferometer at Alcator C-Mod for turbulence measurements and comparison with phase contrast imaging, Phys. Plasmas 21, 042305 (2014)
  8. N. T Howard, A. E. White, M. Greenwald, C. Holland and J. Candy, Multi-scale gyrokinetic simulation of Alcator C-Mod tokamak discharges, Phys. Plasmas 21, 032308 (2014)
  9. N. T. Howard, A. E. White, M. L. Reinke, M. Greenwald, C. Holland, J. Candy, and J. R. Walk, Validation of the gyrokinetic model in ITG and TEM dominated L-mode plasmas, Nuclear Fusion 53, 123011 (2013)
  10. C. Sung, A. E. White, N. T. Howard, C. Y. Oi, J. E. Rice, C. Gao, P. Ennever, M. Porkolab, F. Parra, D. Mikkelsen, D. Ernst, J. Walk, J. W. Hughes, J. Irby, C. Kasten, A. E. Hubbard, M. J. Greenwald and the Alcator C-Mod Team, Changes in core electron temperature fluctuations across the Ohmic Energy Confinement Transition in Alcator C-Mod plasmas, Nuclear Fusion 53, 083010 (2013)

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