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Starting a Project

You have a clear idea of the scope of your project and funding expectations. You have the support of your DLC head and your dean or unit head. So now what? Choose what you want to do from the following list:

Renovate Space

Does your renovation project cost at least $10,000 or require at least two construction trades such as electricians, carpenters or laborers? Please complete a Space Change Request Form. An MIT certificate is required in order to access the form.

Do you have renovation experience and is your renovation project relatively simple? Please contact Rose Durham.

Add or Lease Space

Have you outgrown your current space? Do you need more space for a new employee? Please complete a Space Change Request Form and be sure to check the appropriate box at the top of the page. An MIT certificate is required in order to access the form.

Order a Space Planning Study

Are you considering a space change but need some more detailed information to make the proper decision? We can provide strategic plans, feasibility studies, site selection studies, master plans, and concept designs. Please complete a Space Change Request Form and be sure to check the box at the top of the page next to “Plan or Study.” An MIT certificate is required in order to access the form.

Request Other Services

Do you need to plan space for a new faculty hire? Would you like help choosing furniture? Do you need interior design assistance? Do you need help with signage?

Planning for New Faculty Hire

Space requirements for new faculty can vary significantly, ranging from standard office space to complex research labs. These lab spaces typically have implications for building infrastructure, locations, and sensitivity to environmental conditions such as vibration and narrow temperature requirements. To help you prepare for potential new faculty members, please complete the Space Needs Assessment Form. The form will help you determine the feasibility, scope and estimated costs of a potential space change project.


Campus signage is designed and installed by Campus Construction. The department consults with offices to determine the scope of a signage project and to assure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Signage available includes cubicle nameplates, dedication plaques on campus buildings, identity signs, and functional signs. For more information, go to the Signage page.

Room Numbering

All room numbers are issued by Facilities' Facility Information Systems team. Contact for more information.

Interior Design Services

Campus Construction’s Interior Design team can assist you with simple design decisions, help selecting furnishings and managing the interior design phase of your major space change project. To purchase new furniture or for furniture consultation or purchasing support, please contact the Interior Design team at


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