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Steps Towards Obtaining a Student Parking Permit

If you are a student looking to park a car on campus, please keep in mind that students are not entitled to a parking permit and parking permits for undergraduate students are often distributed by lottery. First-year undergraduate students are not permitted to bring cars to campus, and upperclass members are advised not to. For information on alternatives to having a car at MIT, please see the other sections of this site.

First, fill out the online application via Atlas.Then, you must do the following in order to obtain a student parking permit:

1. Register your car

2. Apply for a parking sticker

3. Pay the fee

4. Place the sticker on your car

1. Register Your Car

In order to be eligible to park on MIT property, all students must have their car registered in two places:

  • The MIT Parking and Transportation Office
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts law requires students to register with the Commonwealth all out-of-state motor vehicles. The registration must be accomplished within 30 days of the time the motor vehicle is brought into Massachusetts. This registration expires at the end of each academic year, so vehicles must be reregistered each September. Massachusetts levies a $50.00 fine against non-registered, out-of-state student motor vehicles.

Information about non-resident status is available from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles or at the Parking and Transportation Office.

2. Apply for a Parking Sticker

If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, graduate resident tutor or a graduate resident coordinator, you will be notified by the Student Parking Coordinators when the parking season begins.

Here is how to obtain a parking permit:

  • Go online to (certificates required) and enter the system via Student Parking.
  • Fill out a new application. Include your residence, vehicle information and choice of payment method.
  • Submit the application. If you have any existing parking violations, they will show up here. If you have open violations, you can be approved for, but not receive, your parking permit. You will not receive your parking permit until you pay any outstanding violations.
  • The application is sent to the Student Parking Coordinator for your residence.

Replacement Stickers for a New Vehicle

Bring the previous sticker or its pieces to the Parking and Transportation Office, along with the registration for the new vehicle. Once there, you will fill out a new application.

3. Pay the Parking Permit Fee


  • Permit costs vary depending on the type of permit you choose
  • Replacement sticker
    • $10.00 when accompanied with the old sticker
    • $30.00 without the old sticker
    • No charge if accompanied with a stolen vehicle report that was filed with a police department

Payment Methods

Students may choose to pay for Student Commuter or Occasional Parking permits using their Bursar’s accounts. Or, students may pay for any permit by TechCash or credit card.

If you selected “pay by credit card,” you will be prompted to print a copy of the completed application and send or bring it to the Parking and Transportation Office with payment.

4. Place the Sticker on Your Car

If you are granted a parking permit, you must place the sticker on your car to avoid receiving a parking ticket.

Sticker Placement

  • Non-tinted windows
    • Upper back corner of the driver’s side window
    • Upper front corner of the driver’s side passenger window
  • Tinted windows
    • Lower windshield on the driver’s side

Voided Stickers

Remove parking stickers on the expiration date, or when a car is sold disposed of.

Note: any sticker not properly displayed will be considered invalid.

Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel your parking permit at any time and for any reason. Once you decide to cancel, you must bring your parking sticker to the Parking and Transportation Office to stop payments. When your sticker is received, automatic parking payments, such as those through your Bursar's account, will cease. In addition, any prepaid money, such as through a credit card, will be refunded.

Note: parking fees are prorated on a calendar month basis only. For example, if you cancel your parking on April 3rd, you will be charged for the entire month of April.

You may cancel your parking through your online parking account.

 Your Commuting Benefits (Atlas)
 Parking Rates for 2017-2018 (pdf)


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