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An MIT Department Sponsors Visitor Parking

After Hours
DAPER Members
Faculty Club
Invited Guests
Retired Faculty and Employees
Students and Family Visitors
Unexpected or Last-minute Visitors

The number of visitor parking spaces on campus is limited, and it may not be possible to accommodate every visitor who wishes to park at MIT. Therefore, we strongly recommend using public transportation when visiting the MIT campus.

Visitors who are not hosted by an MIT department may pay to park at an MIT lot located on the corner of Mass Ave and Vassar Street (139 Mass Ave). You may call 617-258-6510 for current rates and availability.

After Hours

Any parker with a valid MIT parking permit can park his/her vehicle in any parking facility on campus after 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and MIT holidays. Parkers with a valid MIT parking permit can park in the Main Lot after 5 PM, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and MIT holidays.
Employees or others who do not have an MIT parking permit can park in any non-gated lot on campus after 5 PM on weekdays, and all day on weekends and MIT holidays.

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DAPER Members

MIT affiliates who use the facilities at the Johnson Athletics Center and the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center can apply for an Occasional Parking Permit.The Occasional Parking Permit allows a person to park in the West Garage.

The annual Occasional Parking Permit fee is $74 plus a $100 debit deposit (for a total of $174). A charge of $7 is deducted from the $100 debit account each business day a person parks on campus. A business day is Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Parking before 8:30 AM and after 2:30 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends and MIT holidays is free in the Kresge Lot, and West Garage with an Occasional Parking Permit.

A trip to the Parking and Transportation Office (W20-022) is necessary to obtain an Occasional Parking Permit. Please bring a completed parking application, a check for $174.00 made out to MIT, and your DAPER ID. You will then receive a parking permit, and your ID will be activated to access the West Garage. A parking access card will be assigned to those without DAPER IDs.

Permit Renewal

Please note that MIT parking permits expire on September 15th of each year.

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The Parking and Transportation Office will assist with parking arrangements for functions and special events. There is a $55 per hour charge with a 4 hour minimum for events that require an attendant on-site.

EVENT PARKING and attendant services
Fee Payroll Deduction Student Account Payment Method
Hourly: $55.00 No No Journal voucher or check

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Faculty Club

Limited parking is available for events hosted at the MIT Faculty Club. Faculty Club patrons may park in the Hayward Lot or the Amherst Street Lot after 3 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends and MIT holidays. Those attending weekday events must use public parking facilities prior to 3pm.

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Invited Guests

Visitor Parking passes are available for invited guests of any MIT department. There are two kinds of passes available:

Department personnel with SAP authorization may purchase visitor passes through Atlas. For attended lots, an electronic parking pass will be available to print or email to the invited guest. For unattended lots, a visitor must pick-up the scratch pass at the Parking and Transportation Office, W20-022.

If a reservation is not canceled by 4:45 PM the day before the guest is due to come in, the Parking and Transportation Office will not refund the cost of the pass back to the department.

Visitor Parking passes are for a department's occasional guests, not for functions with a large attendance. Visitor Parking passes may not be issued to MIT employees.
Invited Guest Parking Permit
Permit Type Fee Payroll Deduction Student Account Check or Cash Comments
For Unattended Lots $22.00 No No No Purchase through Atlas.
For Attended Lots $22.00 No No No Purchase through Atlas.

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Retired Faculty and Employees

Retired faculty permits are available to retired faculty and professors emeriti. Retired faculty who receive compensation pay the regular commuter rate. Retired faculty without compensation pay a lower rate. Retired faculty and professor emeriti permits do not count against a department’s allocation.

Retired employees may also purchase Visitor Parking passes at the Parking and Transportation Office, W20-022.

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Student and Family Visitor

If you need a temporary permit, fill out the Temporary Parking Application (PDF) form and contact the Parking and Transportation Office. A temporary permit will then be issued for a specific period of time. The permit will be charged at a daily rate, unless you have already paid for an MIT parking permit. Temporary permits are issued only as resources allow and may not be available on specific days or at particular times of the year; for example, during the first week of classes.

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Unexpected, Last-Minute Visitors

For unexpected visitors or for guests who do not have an invited visitor pass, a department may call the Parking and Transportation Office at 617-258-6510 to arrange last-minute parking. The person calling must be authorized to make charges to the department's account. The Parking and Transportation Office will need the visitor's name, time of arrival, and the department number and account number, as well as the name of the departmental representative who is making the request. A journal voucher will be executed by the Parking and Transportation Office for call-down parking charges.

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If you perform services for MIT and receive no compensation, you may be eligible for a volunteer parking permit. The department Parking Coordinator or other person in the sponsoring department must request a volunteer permit from the Parking and Transportation Office. A letter of justification is required. MIT employees, student residents and campus residents are not eligible to receive volunteer permits.

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Department Directory

Parking & Transportation Office

Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: 617-258-6510
Phone (after hours): 617-253-2997
Fax: 617-258-6357
Building: W20-022

Larry Brutti
Operations Manager

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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