NSE - Nuclear Science & Engineering at MIT


Standards and expectations for all members of the NSE community

The Department is committed to providing a productive learning and working environment that is safe and welcoming. We expect all members of our community to behave according to the principles expressed here.

MIT is a community of people united in our pursuit of intellectual, creative, and technical excellence, to make a better world. Meeting the standards we set for ourselves requires significant focus and effort in the life of any individual of any age or background, whether faculty, student, post-doc, or staff.

We will value one another first and foremost as human beings, with all our distinctive differences. Consistent with this principle, we will actively seek out qualified faculty, staff and students from historically underrepresented groups for all positions in our department. We believe that increasing participation of people of differing views and cultural backgrounds will directly contribute to our scientific and educational mission.

We expect all members of our community to treat each other with respect.  We expect people to respect each other’s privacy, respect private property, and be considerate of one another. An academic environment, by nature, is a place of vibrant discussion and debate. We affirm that this department will disagree collegially, and criticize constructively.

Behavior or language which is abusive, insulting, harassing, or intimidating is not acceptable. Likewise, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate physical contact, physical or mental intimidation, invasion of privacy, and harassment in all its forms are not only contrary to our department’s culture but may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Before we can learn, explore, and grow we must start from a safe place mentally and physically. We all expect to be challenged to do our best, and MIT’s learning environment tests the capabilities and resolve of our students, however, health and well-being shall always be of the highest priority in our Department and our actions and policies will reflect that.

If you feel that any of these principles are not being followed by any member of our department, or by the department itself, we encourage you to talk to your supervisor, advisor, or any member of the faculty or staff, up to and including the Department Head or Associate Department Head. All concerns will be treated respectfully and with appropriate confidentiality.