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2010 NSE Doctoral Research Expo

March 10, 2010

"Great engineering without good communication is like a Ferrari engine trapped in a GM car (I drive one, so I should know...). Explaining complex research is always a challenge, but is particularly challenging when the listener does not share your same 'language' and background. That is the true measure of a good communicator. Because of the scientific/engineering diversity of its members, our department is one such communication-challenged environment. The Expo created an excellent opportunity for the NSE students to explain/discuss their research with people who are not familiar with it. It was clear from the posters I had the chance to visit during the Expo that the students took this challenge very seriously and, I must add, did an outstanding job at overcoming it." 
— Professor Jacopo Buongiorno

On March 10, Student Street in MIT’s Stata Center was transformed into a forum for ideas and dialogue. It was the site of the Doctoral Research Expo hosted by the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. The inaugural Expo brought together students from all areas of research within the Department.

Thirty-nine students presented posters on a broad array of topics ranging from combating noise in quantum operations to the conceptual design of an annular-fueled water reactor. The presentations made for lively discussion among presenters and visitors from within the Department and from around the Institute. Three judges, Professors Jacopo Buongiorno, Paola Cappellero, and Dennis Whyte, selected the best poster in the Expo. Michael Short’s poster, A Functionally Graded Composite for Corrosion Resistance in High Temperature Lead and Lead-Bismuth Cooled Systems was awarded the Best Poster prize.

Following the poster session graduate students Yang Zhang, Antoine Cerfon, and David Carpenter, who had been selected to represent the three main areas of the Department — Nuclear Science and Technology, Fission, and Fusion — each presented a short talk on their research.

The Expo was an opportunity for students to practice their presentations skills in the poster format, which is becoming increasingly common at science and engineering conferences. And it was an ideal setting for NSE faculty and students to learn about research within other areas of the Department.

Coordinated by Professor by Jacopo Buongiorno, with administrative support from Heather Barry, the NSE Doctoral Research Expo will become an annual event that brings the Department together and engages the wider community within the Institute with the exciting research underway in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

First row (left to right): Clarice Aiello and Troy Borneman; Jacopo Buongiorno and Rezy Pradipta; Roman Ochoukov and Tom McKrell.

Second row (left to right): Liang Zhang and Bilge Yildiz; Brian Johnson, Matthew Denman, Ashley Finan, Michael Elliott and Malcolm Bean; Michael Short (Best Poster winner).


Clarice Aiello
Aaron Bader
Seung Gyou Baek
Nicephore Bonnet
Troy Borneman
David Carpenter >>  view video
Daniel Casey
Antoine Cerfon  >>  view video
Thomas Conboy
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Denman
Gregory Dewitt
Michael Elliott
Matthew Everson
Bo Feng
Ashley Finan
Joseph Fricano
Zachary Hartwig
Nathan Howard
Brian Johnson
Heisoog Kim
Yu-Chih Ko
Haruhiko Kohno
Dustin Langewisch
Timothy Lucas
Mario Manuel
Stephanie McKee
Orso Meneghini
Paul Monasterio
Anna Nikiforova
Roman Ochoukov
Robert Petroski
Yuri Podpaly
Rezy Pradipta
Matthew Reinke
Paul Romano
Vivek Sharma
Michael Short  >>  view poster
Nareg Sinenian
Bao Truong
Liang Zhang
Yang Zhang  >>  view video


Photos by Andrea Robles,
Ilavenil Subbiah

2011 Doctoral Research Expo

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