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Three MIT freshmen win Best Undergraduate Paper award at 2014 ANS Student Conference

Three MIT freshmen, Stephanie Pavlick, Jasmeet Arora, and Davis Tran, have won the Best Undergraduate Paper Award at the 2014 American Nuclear Society Student Conference. Their paper was selected from the 57 undergraduate papers presented at the conference.

The paper, “Lattice Benchmark Verification of OpenMOC”, drew on six months of research by the team of freshmen, in which they developed models of the BEAVRS Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) benchmark for deterministic neutron transport calculations. Their work is a significant step forward in verifying the accuracy of the OpenMOC neutron transport code for full-core reactor physics simulations. OpenMOC is being developed by MIT's Computational Reactor Physics Group, led by NSE Professors Ben Forget and Kord Smith. The freshmen were mentored by NSE graduate student Will Boyd.

In 2013, the ANS student conference was organized and hosted in Boston by the MIT ANS Student Chapter.

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